Only 27 Shopping Days Until Christmas!

For many merchants who are submitting items to Google Product Search, the holiday season is the year's biggest shopping season.  Over the past months, we've launched a bunch of new additions to your Google Base account that you can leverage to help you get the most of your Google Product Search feeds this holiday.  They can help you improve the quality of your data feeds, prioritize the types of data to send to us, and help more shoppers find your products.

Include tax and shipping information
You can now submit tax and shipping information for your products via your Google Base account. We have started displaying this information on Google Product Search to provide buyers with more accurate price information. Buyers use tax and shipping estimates to help them determine what to buy and which merchant to buy it from, so we strongly encourage all merchants to submit this data. Here's more information on how to do so.

Give the data quality tab a spin
We recently added a new "Data Quality" tab in your Google Base account. On this tab, you'll find a host of suggestions for improving the quality of the item listings in your product feed. For example, you can find recommendations on the length of your title and description fields, or get a snapshot of the number of items in your feed that are missing key attributes. By addressing these issues, you'll be able to improve the quality of your feeds and help more shoppers find your products.

Use our new taxonomy
We also recently unveiled our new categorization system that you can use for describing the product type of your items.  We recommend that you use the category paths and values from this new product taxonomy when including the product_type attribute.  This is an optional attribute that you can use to indicate the category (or categories) of the product being sold.  

If you're not currently submitting feeds to Google Product Search, you can get started right away by using existing feeds you've prepared for other shopping engines, saving you time and effort.  You can take advantage of this option when you register a data feed in your account, when you'll have the opportunity to chose from a drop-down list of feed formats.  Remember, it's free to submit products to Google Product Search, and it's a great tool you can use to reach shoppers when they are searching on Google for gifts this holiday.  For more information on Google Product Search, visit our Information for Sellers page.

Posted by Jessica Ng, Product Marketing Manager, Google Product Search

Friday, November 28, 2008 at 10:52 AM

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