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The Submit Your Content page started as a bit of a twist on our mission. Our goal with Submit Your Content is to organize our own information so that Google is more accessible and useful to you, whether you are a current or prospective Google content partner. As the variety of content and the number of Google tools have grown, we wanted to make it easier for you to take advantage of the many content distribution opportunities across all of Google's services.

Back in 2006, David Eun posted on the Official Google Blog about the three principles that define how we work with content partners at Google. And he highlighted what was a challenge at the time: "Only a fraction of the world's information is available online."

The vast amount of inaccessible information had an impact on our ability to fulfill our mission way back in 2006 (those were the days!), and today we face additional complexity: As you have put more of your organization's information online, we've introduced more services for organizing and distributing that information. We've heard from a number of you that it's not always clear how to help us find your content – or obvious how users discover your content at Google. Submit Your Content, and this blog, aim to change that.

If you're not sure where to start, "Get Started" lists the three steps we recommend all content partners take to begin sharing information with us. Alternatively, pick an industry that most accurately describes your organization. We'll walk you through the types of content you may have, and show you where that content surfaces across various Google services.

Keep an eye out for future posts on this blog from all of us on the Content Partnerships team. Our team includes people from the YouTube, Book Search, and the Local/Core Content Partnerships teams; others will undoubtedly be contributing. We welcome comments, so feel free to suggest topics for future posts, ask questions, or leave your feedback. (Our lawyers would like to remind you that comments are screened for inappropriate content, so please keep your comments on topic.) If you've already visited Content Central, you know all about the wonders of RSS, so be sure to subscribe to this blog's feed (or enter your email address in the righthand sidebar to subscribe by email) and you'll receive the latest posts when they're published. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 9:22 AM

10 comments: said...

It looks like I'm gonna be your first subscriber, not to mention your first commenter :)

Thank you for your initiative. I believe we'll be able to structure information in such a way that everyone could easily access it.

bernardsd said...

Hi Rick, this will surely be a great resource. Look forward to hearing more from you and the team on the blog!

- Bernie Davis
CondeNet Marketing & Business Devleopment

technologygoddess said...

This is really wonderful, it's going to help new users understand how to submit their content and websites in a more logical process that even newbies can understand. I have had so many people ask me "how" and "where" to start on Google, this is a feature that was needed.

Thank you Google for another great feature!


Sènsé Nail Spa said...

This will be wonderful for my brick and mortar business (salon). More and more clients are finding us online so it will help me stay one step ahead of my competition. Thank you.

-Robert Luu,

Rajtilak Bhattacharjee said...

Google, do we use anything else now a days when we sit on the net! I doubt that. Very recently I came across this post on what is Google doing to help us reach the global audience, impressive. As a mark of my loyalty towards Google, I wrote a post on my blog for the same. But that's all I could do. And atleast now I know that Google does listen to us. Thanks Google :)

THINK BIG and BEYOND! said...

I am a veterinarian. I wonder if I could work for Google this way!

nickdigital2.0 said...

thanks for this. Looking forward to learning more.

robert said...

Wow, an "official" Google blog with commenting allowed?!
Someone is going to be kept busy!

I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Anxious not to miss any tips which will help me increase the availability of the content I have scattered across the web.


Mark said...

Well done Guys - its a great idea, we never have enough time to keep up with the rapid changes and this sounds like a great place to keep track

Mark Hannaford | Across the Divide Expeditions


Good idea Google